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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between a Caravan and a Cruise or Cruise-in?
For the LCCC, a Caravan is a number of friends meeting up at a selected location, and traveling to a common destination. Caravans usually require more than a day of travel to reach the planned destination(s). A Cruise or Cruise-in are usually a few hours in length, typically occur during a Saturday or Sunday, and are typically organized by LCCC friends to get together and enjoy a cruise with their Vettes for part of the day, or joining in with one or more local or regional Corvette Clubs, Car Clubs, and/or automotive related business(es), or other types of organizations.

Why is there a cow in the LCCC logo?
This is a funny story. To read about how the LCCC logo came into existence, click on the "Logo Legend" link in the Table of Contents (or you can click here: Go to Logo Legend).

What kind of organization is LCCC?
The LCCC is a Friends-with-Friends group. Anyone LCCCer can put together or suggest an activity to all of our friends.

LCCC principal charity is the USO, which is dedicated to serving our troops and their families, both abroad and here at home. To learn more about what services the USO provides, click here:
LCCC and the USO.

Everyone is a volunteer, including the Board of Directors, Club officers,and committee chairs and members. The Club leaders all volunteer their time and energy to make the LCCC a great organization of Corvette owners.

How can I contact the LCCC?
As the LCCC is an Internet-based information-sharing Corvette owner club, the easiest way to contact the LCCC is via email at: If you send us an email, please be sure to include your name and email address and if you wish us to respond.

Do I have to be a LCCC member to participate in the Grand Caravan?
Yes. Here's why: LCCC considers the number of active friends to plan, develop and set-up the LCCC Grand Caravan, and other LCCC activities and events, for the benefit of the LCCCers. By leveraging the number of active friends, for example, LCCC can negotiate savings in lodging costs. These savings can be significant. Bottom line: It's only fair the hard work of LCCC volunteers, and the benefits derived from their hard work, are shared with LCCC friends, for it is our active friends which helps us plan, organize and execute LCCC Grand Caravans.

As a non-member, can I get more information on the LCCC Grand Caravan?
While, an overview of the LCCC Grand Caravan plan and routes is advertised on the LCCC national Internet site, and distributed to Vette enthusiasts throughout the United States and Canada, the more specific information on the route itinerary, attractions, as well as, other options available, are provided in the LCCC Member Area which is restricted to LCCC friends. Specific details on lodging registration, discount codes, departure times, etc, are provided to LCCCers when they notify the LCCC and let us know they wish to participate on the LCCC Grand Caravan. But if you have a specific question about one of our events or activities, please feel free to send us an email at:

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