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October 2003


Who is Lost Caravan Corvette Club?

Birth of the Lost Caravan Corvette Club
It was the end of a beautiful day spent at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green KY, and the conclusion of a fantastic week of getting to know new friends and Corvette owners from all across the US, Canada, Europe, and even Australia, who all came together to be a part of the 50th Anniversary Corvette Caravan and celebration of America's True Sports Car -- Corvette. Along with new caravan friends, we had seen, driven and experienced life-changing and unforgettable moments as we traveled together with the Mid-Atlantic Caravan from SIlver Spring, MD, to Roanoke, VA, to Knoxville, TN, finally arriving at our destination in Bowling Green, KY.
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As we relaxed after dinner, the conversation was all about all the fun we had together and the need to keep in touch with each other so we could continue the excitement associated with the Corvette caravanning experience. Sitting at Outback's bar, across from the Drury Inn in Bowling Green, KY, and following a few more libations of one's personal preference, the thought hit us to form an Internet-based Corvette club. And with a quick sketch of what became the LCCC logo on the back of a cocktail napkin, the Lost Caravan Corvette Club (LCCC) was born.

Why the name ... as the following photos show ... when over one-hundred Corvettes take a wrong turn on one of the many unmarked back roads in a small Kentucky town, the result of getting lost becomes less a nuisance and more part of the adventure. Then once together heading deeper onto these unmarked "moonshine roads" and told to turn at the green water tank (which turned out to be a cart with a green tank in a cow pasture), we were "Lost Again," and spent the next hour trying to find our way to a local church parking lot to regroup. As we all waited for all of the lost Vettes to find their way, one of our caravan leaders entertained us all with his ""professional" cow calling, to which all of the local cows attended and came over to him. It was was a hilarious sight to behold. What a blast! And to paraphrase our first LCCC President, Dan Woomer, " What's it matter if we are lost, we're driving Corvettes. It's all about the journey not the destination."

The Mid-Atlantic Caravan begins to reform on Cooks Road as the Caravan leader finds and brings all of his "lost" Vettes back together.
And another round up of lost Vettes, this time at the little country church.
Professional cow calling lessons from our caravan leader.

Well he was having trouble keeping all the Vettes together, might as well try cows!

So with the 50th Anniversary celebration of America's True Sport Car - - Corvette - - as our catalyst, our mission was clear: To bring together Corvette owners throughout the US and Canada to experience the thrill and excitement of a caravan of Vettes cruisin' down the open road to destinations around North America. With a story like this, how best to describe Lost Caravan Corvette Club then It's all about Fun and Caravanning Too.

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