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LCCC 2003 through 2011.

First launched
October 2003


Legend of the LCCC Logo

The concept for the LCCC logo came to fruition on the same evening as the idea to form the Internet-based Lost Caravan Corvette Club. The idea combined events we all experienced on the back roads of Kentucky as part of the Mid-Atlantic Caravan to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Corvette.

First, our short cut to Bowling Green resulted in over one-hundred Corvettes getting lost among the corn fields and cow pastures of the Kentucky countryside.

Second, while we stopped at a local church and worked to get everyone back together, the caravan leader entertained us by demonstrating the fine art of cow calling.

Corvettes ring my bell!Can we get a ride in a Corvette?Wow, look at all these Corvettes!
Last, it was a beautiful day. As we left the little church, the sun was shinning and we had a great time being part of a line of over one-hundred Corvettes cruising along the back rolling roads of Kentucky. Thus the logo of the sunny day, farm, cow, errant compass points, and a top down Corvette.

LCCC Logo - Corvettes Lost Again

LCCC Motto: Who cares if we are lost, we're driving a Corvette!
LCCC Philosophy: It's all about Fun . . . and Caravanning Too!

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