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LCCC 2003 through 2011.

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October 2003


Welcome to the Member's Area for the Lost Caravan Corvette Club!

Enter LCCC's Member Area

In the LCCC Friends Area you will find a treasure trove of fun and exciting information available only to LCCC friends! Just click on the LCCC Friends' Garage and come on in!

When you click on the LCCC Friends' Garage, you will be asked for your LCCC login ID and password. If you forgot your ID or password, send an email to: Be sure to include you name, member id, address, and phone number.

If you enter your LCCC Friends Area access ID and password incorrectly, the small login screen will clear and you will need to reenter the correct ID and password. If the information is incorrect on the third attempt, you will see a “Page Not Found.” To return to the LCCC site, just click on your browser’s “Back” button. If you continue to encounter any problems entering the LCCC Friends Area, be sure to email us at:

Remember, your LCCC Friends Area login ID and password is non-transferable and should not be shared. The LCCC Friends Area is for LCCCers only. Please do not share any of the the information in the LCCC Friends Area with anyone who is not an LCCCer.

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