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October 2003


LCCC's and the USO

LCCC's principal charity is the United Services Organization, or as many know it - The USO.

The USO is a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is: "to serve those who serve...and their families." And it is through the generous financial support of the community which enables the USO to offer vital human services and programs to our military personnel free of charge.

With the goal to serve the "total military family," the USO provides an impressive array of services, which include:

Airport Services To assist military travelers who are moving into the area or just passing through.
Childcare Services When a GI is wounded the USO is there to help arrange for childcare services, to make it easier for mom or dad to travel overseas to be with their spouse. They can rest assured that the kids at home are safe, and will be OK until their parents return home.
Cyber Canteens Today's version of the fabled "USO Canteen" is not just coffee, doughnuts and conversation, but also computers with Internet access, so troops can "surf the Web" or email family and friends from anywhere in the world!
Emergency Housing Providing housing in extreme financial or medical emergencies.
Entertainment This is what everyone thinks of when they hear "The USO." The music has changed over the years, but the USO still go right to the Front, all over the world! So, our troops hear "Thank You" directly, from America's greatest Stars.
Family Support Centers To help make the transition to metropolitan areas in the US and around the world as smooth as possible.
Food Assistance Provide food and food certificates to military families in need .
Holiday Programs Provide donated hotel rooms for visiting family members of personnel stationed in the US and around the world.
Hospital Support Arrange celebrity visits to military hospitals .
Information Programs Military and civilian experts are invited to speak on topics of current concern such as, drug/alcohol problems, health, nutrition.
Job Fairs Held annually for active duty military personnel and their families at area bases
Mobile Canteens The USO reaches out to the troops with special ATV's that go anywhere with hot coffee, doughnuts, and Internet access, so the GIs can "chat" and email with family and friends back home.
Operation Care Package Your can't buy sunscreen in the desert! The USO hands out hard-to-get personal items. toiletries, snacks, books, CDs, and lots more, all the everyday needs that folks back home take for granted.
Operation Enduring Care Meeting the special needs of troops wounded in the War on Terror, the USO supplies special clothing and toiletries to injured soldiers. In addition, the USO sponsors "USO Day Rooms" in military hospitals, where troops can relax and be entertained.
Operation Phone Home What does our overseas GIs want more than anything else is a chance to phone home. The USO buys and distributes pre-paid phone cards so our troops can call home fast and for free!
Orientation Programs Mandatory for most personnel reporting for temporary or permanent assignment--and provides information pertaining to USO programs.
Overseas Community Centers When GIs and their families are transferred overseas, our Community Centers offer libraries, reading rooms, computers, get0togethers, and advice, to help them cope with the difficulties of moving to and living in a foreign country.
Safe-T-First Donations of infant and toddler child safety seats are loaned to enlisted parents for 6 months, so they may "buckle-up-baby".
Ticket line Distributes tickets free of charge or at a discounted price to active duty personnel and their families to theater, sports, and cultural events.
Celebrity Education Program Stars visit kids too! Whether from movie, TV, Music, Sports, or the Arts, the USO brings famous people to overseas DOD schools, to meet in-person and work directly with the children of military families.
Communication Telephone, Internet and e-mail access.

Supporting the USO is not about the politics of the day. It doesn't matter if you agree or disagree with war or the efforts to transform terrorists supporting havens and brutal dictatorships into free democratic societies. It is the men and women of our military who are called to undertake dangerous and life threatening work. As citizens of a freedom loving democracy, it's our duty to help support these brave men and women who are putting their lives on the line to defend and protect our freedoms! AND not to forget about their families who too are sacraficing much as they await and pray for their loved one's return.

Join with the LCCC to show them WE CARE! You can make a difference. So, in addition to including the troops and their families in your prayers, you can be personally responsible for making it a little more comfortable by donating to the USO.
LCCC President, Dan Woomer, presents a check from the LCCC
to Ms. Shauna Van Buren, USO Deputy Director of Airport Services.

Anyone who wishes to support the troops can go to and make your tax deductible donation on line.

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